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A Thalamic Orphan Receptor Drives Variability in Short Term Memory.

Hsiao K, Noble C, Pitman W, Yadav N, Kumar S, Keele GR, Terceros A, Kanke M,  Conniff T, Cheleuitte-Nieves C, Tolwani R,  Sethupathy P, Rajasethupathy P. Cell 2020 (Link) (PDF)


Anteromedial Thalamus Gates the Selection & Stabilization of Long-Term Memories.
*Toader AC, *Regalado JM, Li YR, Terceros A, Yadav N, Kumar S, Satow S, Hollunder F, Bonito-Oliva A, Rajasethupathy P. Cell 2023  (link)     

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